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L'Eroica has never been about just recreating the past. It was originally launched as a "junket" - a "freebie" - for those who had participated in the "Gino Bartali" Granfondo, and it has always proposed routes that are tough, never just a 'walk in the park' for the cameras. In 2007, on 9 October, we proposed the Monte Paschi Eroica, the pro version of our event. Since then white roads have been reintroduced into the top echelons of the cycling world, including stages races and the memorable Giro d'Italia 2010 Carrara-Montalcino, with two segments of the permanent route of L'Eroica 

Giancarlo Brocci (Founder L'Eroica)


NOVA Eroica California is open to all ROAD RACING, CYCLOCROSS AND GRAVEL BYCICLES with carbon, steel, titanium and aluminum frames. The bikes must have drop handlebars. The ride follows the scenic 89 mile Coastal Route and participants will experience the most challenging gravel roads of Eroica California. This is one of the most spectacular rides on the Central Coast of California. NOVA Eroica participants who join the NOVA Eroica Strava Club will use the Strava app to track and time segments of the ride and compete with other NOVA Eroica Strava Club members. Riders can participate in NOVA Eroica without using the Strava app, but segments will not be timed. Both teams and individuals are encouraged to participate and experience the Eroica spirit, the beauty of fatigue and the thrill of the conquest on modern bikes. 

First edition of Nova Eroica in Italy

Official video of Nova Eroica 1st edition



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