Peloton Magazine - June 2018

June 21, 2018

Geeking Out at Eroica California
A friend recently chastised me for showing up to a ride on a Gios Torino bike, built in 1972, wearing a wool jersey and shorts. "I hated all that stuff when it was new," he quipped.

He then explained to his buddies that I was training for Eroica California, a ride for vintage road enthusiasts a few months away. "Eroica is like Comic-Con for cyclists," he said.

"What? Comic-Con is for nerds and geeks," I protested. But, before the words left my lips, I realized he was sort of right. My mom likens my passion for riding vintage bikes in costume with those who reenact Revolutionary or Civil War battles. More nerds.

I spent most of my life trying to not be a nerd. But it was clear I had definitely become one—a nerd who dresses up like a bike racer from the 1970s, riding a matching bike, with fantasies of racing the cobbled classics rolling through my head.

Total nerd. And I’m cool with it.

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