2019 Eroica California vendor instructions

Event schedule and program: https://www.eroicacalifornia.com/program
Please note: Program may change without notice. Please check for the final schedule prior to arrival. 
Event date: April 5th and 7th, 2019
Location: Cambira, Ex Dog Park, Main St., 
out to Santa Rosa Creek Road. 
Unloading and Set up time: 
April 5th from 7am, must be set up and ready to open by 12am. 
Festival hours: 
Friday April 5th, 12am to 6pm
Saturaday April 6th , 7am to 7pm
Sunday April 15th, 8am to 7pm 
Event check in: 
Please park your vehicle(s) in the marked parking zones, next to the event center and walk in to the event center and check in at the event check in desk (look for a signage). Once you are checked in with our staff he/she will hand you a map of the festival layout and he/she will show you on the map where your booth is located. Each space will also have a simple paper sign with your business/shop name on it. 
The location of your booth will be preassigned and is not changeable. 
Unloading and Loading instructions:
Unloading: Once you know the location of your booth you may drive your vehicle to it and unload the items. Entry to the park is located at Main St out to Santa Rosa Creek Road. Once unloaded please exit out of the event center unless your vehicle is a part of display and park your vehicle in the proper parking zone. There will be a designated parking area for the vendors. 
Loading: When the Festival is officially closed (at 7pm on Sunday) you may start loading your items by bringing your vehicle to the booth. However, the riders are still out on the route and they will be coming in to the park from the Santa Rosa Creek Road. Therefore, please use caution as you drive away from this area. Again please drive with extra caution if you must exit the event center as our last riders are due to arrive by 8pm. 
**Required items: The following items must be presented at the check in. 
No exceptions. 
Event Insurance:                                                                                                                                               · General Liability: $1M per Occurrence/$2M Aggregate for bodily injury, personal injury, and property damage.
· Commercial Auto: $1M per Occurrence for bodily injury and property damage (hired and non-owned auto liability acceptable).
· Workers’ Compensation: As required by the State of California (or exempt if the vendor has no employees).
· The General Liability must also include Eroica California, Eroica USA Ride & Festival, Inc. as additionally insured (both names must be listed)
Seller’s Permit, (must be current and valid in the state of California): 
If you do not have it please go to the CA Board of Equalization website and obtain one. You can obtain the permit via online application. 
Please note: You must present the valid permit at the check in or you can not sell at the festival (display only is OK without the permit). 
By purchasing your vendor space you agree to the terms listed above. You will be require to sign a waiver upon arrival. 
If you Have any questions please feel free to contact us via email.  info@eroicacalifornia.com
Thank you.
Eroica CA Team



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