Route Highlight Vol. 3: Linn's Fruit Bin & Cayucos

March 30, 2017

Route Highlight Vol. 3: Linn's Fruit Bin & Cayucos


We recently previewed Eroica California rest stop locations at Cass Winery, Olea Farm, and Halter Ranch, and we now spotlight two more rest stops that will also leave a lasting impression: Linn’s Fruit Bin and pier-side in Cayucos. Both of these stops are on the Long and Coastal routes.


When riders arrive at Linn’s Fruit Bin, they will have already climbed, then descended the gravel road of Cypress Mountain that leads to Santa Rosa Creek Road that sits under a canopy of trees. It’s along this road that Linn’s Fruit Bin first started their farm in 1976 and it is sure to be a well-received stopping point before riders continue along to the coastline. The Linn family continues to grow a wide variety of fruits and vegetables on their farm and make delicious food products and desserts for their other four store locations in Cambria.


After leaving Linn’s Fruit Bin, riders will be treated to a mostly flat ride down Highway 1, where there’s a high probability of a tailwind to help propel them into Cayucos. There’s no better place to represent what coastal California has to offer than the quaint town of Cayucos, with its local hotels, eateries, and picture perfect beaches. After enjoying a snack and filling your bottles at the rest stop, take a stroll on the pier to fully enjoy the sights.




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