Rider Safety & Route Information

April 3, 2016

Eroica California Rider Safety


Our course director, Eric Benson, has drafted some valuable information regarding Rider Safety. Please take the time to review this in detail. We can not stress enough the importance of familiarizing yourself with these tips. It will ensure you have a safe and enjoyable ride.



Be Smart – Be Safe – Be Considerate


Marshals and signage are at key intersections but you are responsible for your own navigation and safety


Listen and adhere to marshal’s instructions at all times


Be aware of and adhere to all the traffic and route warnings in the turn by turn guides


Adhere to the DMV bicycle safety tips provided in your ride musette bag


If you start before sunrise, 6:45am make sure you have a headlight and taillight.


Please do not ride more than two abreast.  Do not cycle in large groups


Cycle on the right and only pass when safe to do so


Please keep noise to a minimum at the start and while riding through residential area especially before 9am


Make sure that you have your Eroica Passport stamped


Be courteous to local automobile traffic and pedestrians especially on narrow, gravel sections


Watch out for drainage channels and potholes on gravel roads


Watch for Poison Oak along Kiler Canyon and Cypress Mountain. Please make yourself familiar with what Poison Oak looks like. Click here for more information on Poison Oak.


Bike security is your responsibility throughout the ride and at food stops


Carry a mobile phone in case of emergency. Some areas of the course have little or no cell reception. Please let other riders know to relay the message to our staff at the nearest rest stop.


Some of the food stops will serve alcohol, please drink responsibly


Do not drop litter



Caution Areas along the route


Mile 15 H,M,S  After Cass Winery Rest Stop. 

Creston Rd left turn onto Cripple Creek Rd. High traffic area


Mile 30 H, M, S After Olea Farm Rest Stop.

El Pomar Rd left turn onto Vaquero Rd.  Blind corner


Mile 37 H, M, S Mile121 L, Mile 86 C

Niblick Rd at Spring St. Heavy traffic at intersection.


Mile 40-44 H, M Mile 4-8 C. Kiler Canyon Rd. Narrow, gravel road. 

This is a private road. Please ride to the right and be respectful of residents and vehicle traffic. Watch for Poison Oak.


Mile 45 H, M, Mile 10 C. Peachy Canyon Rd. at Nadaeu Family Vineyards. Sharp, left, downhill turn watch for signs and flaggers.


Mile 48 H, M, Mile 13 C. Daou Vineyards. Steep downhill to Adelaida Rd.


Mile 62 H, Mile 26 C, After Halter Ranch Rest Stop

Cypress Mountain Rd/Santa Rosa Creek Rd. Steep, twisty descent


Mile 102 H, Mile 66 C.  Santa Rita Creek Rd. Steep descent, control speed and watch for vehicle traffic


Start Times


Heroic Route 120miles      6:00am – 6:30am

Coastal Route 85miles     6:30am – 7:00am

Medium Route 67miles     7:00am – 7:30am

Short Route 38miles    7:30am – 8:00am


The start will be in waves of approximately 30 riders every few minutes during the time slot for your route. You will not be able to start outside of these time slots. Please be aware that you may be required to wait for your start.


For your additional safety there will be sag vehicles on course. If you are struggling or need mechanical help please ask them.


To help ensure your enjoyment and safety please ride within your limits. There will be cut-off points at Halter Ranch Vineyards and Cayucos for Heroic route riders. If you leave Halter Ranch after 1pm you will be directed back to Paso Robles along the Medium route. If you arrive at Cayucos after 3pm you will be asked to get in the sag vehicle. The course will be closed at 6pm.


Have a great ride! We’ll see you at the Post-Ride Dinner which is available starting at 4pm.

To revisit the routes, please visit our ROUTE PAGE.




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