L'Eroica - powered by Bianchi

July 20, 2016

Book with Thomson Bike Tours and get guaranteed entry to the Eroica! 

Thomson Bike Tours has teamed up with Bianchi, the Eroica's Title Sponsor, to bring you a memorable trip featuring the strade bianche in Tuscany. 

The highlight of the trip is the opportunity to ride the Eroica Gran Fondo on Sunday October 2. The Eroica is a phenomenal event with cyclists from all over the world riding the famous strade bianche on vintage bikes (and to keep in the spirit of the event - in vintage clothing).

The Eroica Gran Fondo is designed for the cycling nostalgic, a step back in time to the days of Merkcx and Gimondi. Do you remember toe clips and straps, gear levers on the downtube, steel frames and woolly jerseys? Discard your lycra, jump into Merino wool and enjoy a day of cycling in its purest form.

The first 3 days of our trip will feature classic rides through the Tuscan countryside and on a regular bike! We'll provide you with Bianchi's hot bike - the Infinito CV for these rides. Then on Sunday we'll swap to a vintage bike for our trip down cyclings memory lane! 

Join us for an unforgettable experience in Tuscany!  

Trip Highlights

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