Greg's Red Pinarello

April 8, 2015

We publish a story that recently appeared on the Giro newsletter regarding Eroica California, because we are really happy to see how our sponsors are getting involved in the true spirit of our events... 

As Eroica California approaches, vintage bikes have started to make an appearance at the Giro office amongst all the modern machines. While all vintage bikes have a special beauty and character, it’s hard to argue that the most beautiful bike to make an appearance is Greg Shapleigh’s Pinarello. 

Greg is Giro’s Executive VP and General Manager, and he’s been a passionate cyclist for much of his life. His experience on a bike includes racing across the US and Europe, and it all started with a red Pinarello. 

“In many ways, this bike changed my life. A friend who lived down the street from me got into bike racing in 1983. His bike was a red, Campy equipped Pinarello. Something about this bike, and the history and culture of bike racing, resonated with me. This moment ended up being the most significant deflection point in my life. There is my life before I saw the Pinarello and my life afterwards. Cycling became my passion and almost everything in my life has been influenced by my involvement with cycling.” 

That vintage, red Pinarello left a lasting mark on Greg, and it was serendipitous that he happened to find one available for purchase when looking for a bike to ride at Eroica, an event that holds so much meaning to him. 

“For me, this isn't just cycling history, it's my personal history. I fell in love with cycling in 1983, so the bikes and cycling culture of that time period will always be especially meaningful to me. The vintage bikes that we ride at L'Eroica are just one way that people can express their passion for cycling. It takes some work to find the bike and get it working. And the ride will be a little more challenging than it would on a 15-pound modern bike. But everyone who loves riding also loves a challenge.” 

Greg’s bike isn’t just a beautiful vintage bike. It’s a representation of his love for cycling and how this sport influenced his life in so many ways. From inspiring him to race in 1983 to being his bike at Eroica, an event that celebrates cycling history, the red Pinarello has come full circle.




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